Past Events

May 3, 3:00 pm –  4:30 pm    

This interactive session will focus on helping you develop a strategy for negotiating and navigating the road to tenure. It will feature a panel of senior tenured faculty at Columbia who will share their experiences and thoughts about the ways to prepare for every step of the tenure process. Our year-end “Cheers to the Year” reception will follow. We hope to see you there!

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April 22, 10:00 am –  11:00 am    

Dr. Nguyễn’s work will be discussed in a casual format by Marie Myung-Ok Lee (CSER) and Yến Vũ (Weatherhead East Asian Institute & EALAC). Drs. Lee and Vũ are uniquely situated to discuss the significance of Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai’s work. Dr. Lee is an expert in Asian American literature, as well as a celebrated author focusing on the Korean American experience in her own right, while Dr. Vũ focuses on diasporic Vietnamese literature in her own research. The event will be facilitated by Dr. John Phan.

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April 22, 9:00 am –  2:00 pm    

Latinxs represent the largest ethnic minority in the United States, yet in-depth discussions of the Latinx experience remain rare in the academy and in American popular culture. Nuevos Caminos brings acclaimed Latinx historians to Columbia to showcase their recent scholarship on such wide-ranging topics as Latinx conservatism, gay Miami, and anti-Mexican violence along the US-Mexico border. The symposium will close with a round-table discussion exploring the past, present, and possible futures of Latinx history.

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April 21, 6:30 pm –  8:00 pm    

02.23.22 – LECTURE: Coco Fusco, The Right to Have Rights: Black Cubans on the Frontline of Protest against the State     Respondent – Frank Guridy, Columbia University

03.03.22 – CONVERSATIONS: Tina Campt,  A Black Gaze: Artists Changing How We See    Respondents – Michael Gillespie, Tavia Nyong’o, Christina Sharpe

04.05.22 – CONVERSATIONS: Kevin Fellez, Listen but Don’t Ask Question: Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Across the Pacific   Respondent – Deborah Wong, U.C. Berkeley

04.11.22 – CONVERSATIONS: Reighan Gillam, Visualizing Black Lives: Ownership and Control in Afro Brazilian Media   Respondent – Racquel Gates, Columbia University

04.21.11 – CONVERSATIONS: Kevin Quashie, Black Aliveness and the Poetics of Being, Respondents – Saidiya Hartman and Robert Gooding Williams, Columbia University

April 20, 6:30 pm –  5:30 pm    

Long viewed as an engine of sociality mobility, the university is in crisis. Our day-long convening will inaugurate ongoing reflection on themes regarding the university as infrastructure and ideological apparatus including: the history of the disciplines, infrastructural histories of the university, dissent that have emerged from within and in opposition to the university, global histories of the university in relation to anticolonial activism and postcolonial state formation, the role of academic labor in histories of labor and organizing, and the complex investments in mass intellectuality and education for subaltern communities.

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April 19, 7:00 pm –  8:00 pm    

Join New York Times bestselling author Sayantani DasGupta in conversation with Pooja Makhijani to celebrate her book launch for Debating Darcy. This virtual event will take place on April 19th at 7 pm.

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April 13, 6:00 pm –  8:00 pm    

The Center was created in response to a student strike in 1996. The students advocated for the creation of an academic unit dedicated to the study of ethnicity and race. Please join the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race (CSER) in commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the 1996 hunger strikes. Alumni panel will be discussing the past, present and future of CSER and ethnicity and race studies at Columbia University.

April 13, 4:00 pm –  5:00 pm    

Join the Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities for an event to celebrate CSER’s own Mae Ngai on April 13, 2022. Her book The Chinese Question: The Gold Rushes and Global Politics focuses on how Chinese migration to the world’s goldfields upended global power and economics and forged modern conceptions of race.

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April 8, 10:30 am –  2:30 pm    

Connecting Threads: Reshaping Identities, Renewing Communities, Rethinking Histories
14th Annual CSER Symposium
Friday, April 8, 2022 | 10:30am- 2:30pm
420 Hamilton Hall

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March 30, 7:00 pm –  9:00 pm    

How have Latinx writers illuminated the ways that the future and the past–the traumas, technologies, and transformative knowledges– live on in our bodies? What new forms of language are Latinx poets creating that shape and decolonize prevailing concepts of disability, justice, and embodiment itself?

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CSER continues to be Columbia's main interdisciplinary space for the study of ethnicity and race and their implications for thinking about culture, power, hierarchy, social identities, and political communities. The Center also offers a wide range of public programming, including Artist at the Center, Indigenous Forum, and Latino Public Speaker Series and the Transnational Asian/American Speaker Series. CSER's most recent spaces include the Media and Idea Lab and Gallery at the Center, a space dedicated to curating artistic and thematic exhibits around the Center’s key areas of interest.
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